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We aim to answer any question you have about IRS collection efforts and to educate people who owe the IRS back taxes on how to hire IRS back tax help.
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IRS Lien, Levy, and Intent to Levy

Get answers about an IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien (IRS 668Y), Final Notice of Intent to Levy (IRS Letter 1058), IRS bank levy (IRS 668a or w), IRS wage garnishment, IRS receivable levy, federal & state levy programs, how to release an IRS levy, IRS Appeals for Liens and Levies, and IRS certified mail.

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IRS Solutions for Back Taxes Owed

IRS Programs available if you owe IRS 941 payroll tax, or 1040 personal income taxes. Partial Payment Installment Agreements, Offers in Compromise (IRS Form 656), Installment agreements/payment plans, Tax Lien Subordination, and Innocent Spouse Appeals, and combinations thereof.

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How to Hire IRS Past Due Tax Help

Recommendations on how to research and evaluate Tax Resolution Companies, Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and Attorneys. Also how to evaluate IF you should hire back tax help. Whether they called you, you've found them on TV, the radio, the internet, or down the street.

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IRS Penalty & Interest for Delinquent 941 Payroll and 1040 Income Taxes

Get information about fighting IRS penalty and interest. Can they be removed or reduced?

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IRS Collection Process if you Owe Back Tax

Find out how the IRS will behave, what your rights are, and why the IRS is behaving the way they are in their efforts to collect delinquent taxes. Also answers on the IRS Collection Information Statement 433a/433b, IRS Summons and your rights, actions, and concerns, the IRS Taxpayer Advocate, and the Trust Fund Assessment for 941 Payroll taxes.

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