Best Tax Resolution Service Company?

Who is the best tax resolution service company?  Learn how to research ANY company.

The best tax resolution service company is hard to find.  When this blog was started back in 2011, we tried to do reviews of all the tax debt relief companies that advertise on TV, the radio, and the internet.  We also did a bunch of reviews on tax resolution service companies that will call you when a tax lien is filed.  30 or so tax resolution reviews were done.

Since then,

So who is the best tax resolution service company?  It really is difficult to tell.  It is also impossible to keep up with them all.  Some are great, maintaining long-term, excellent reputations.  Some are fly-by-night.

Since no one samples each one, there is no way to make a comparison.  Therefore, evaluation has to happen another way.  That is why we came up with the best tax resolution service company criteria.

Instead of letting a tax debt relief company tell you how great they are, check for yourself.  Research is a part of taking charge of this situation.  The more homework you do, the more likely to get a good result.  Contact us if you’re seeking someone to research on your own.

  • What:  Follow this link if you want to know what is the criteria for the best tax resolution company?
  • Why:  Follow this link if you want to know why (we think) we are credible for back tax help recommended actions.
  • When:  Follow this link if you want to know when to hire tax help.
  • How:  The how is included in the criteria link above.
  • Where:  People have a tendency to want local back tax representation, which is natural.  However, the situation is almost never local.  The best tax resolution service company is rarely local.  In order to specialize, the best tax resolution service company has to work outside it’s geographic footprint to support that specialization.  The other side of this coin is that the revenue officer may be local, but the appeals office, ACS, and all other aspects of the IRS collection apparatus are all over the country.  The best tax resolution service company understands the apparatus and is comfortable nationwide.  Your representation must be good face-to-face, but they must shine over the phone as well.
  • Who:   We’re back to the hardest part.  There are no guarantees.  If you follow all the due diligence recommended above, you are much more likely to make a good choice for your best tax resolution service company.  We are also happy to refer someone who meets all the criteria discusses above.  Go ahead and email us at us with questions.

The IRS does not have any comment on who the best tax resolution service company is.  The FTC has some advice at the link below.


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