IRS Emergency Contact! The IRS Seized my Bank Account/Asset

IRS Emergency Contact I need an IRS emergency contact.  I need IRS emergency help right now!   Our referrals go to work immediately under IRS emergency conditions all the time.  However, make sure it’s you who wants someone to help immediately with the IRS tax problem, not a tax resolution company salesman trying to turn a […]

Is The Tax Group Center affiliated with the IRS? No.

Tax Group Center does not meet irs back tax help criteria.   If you know you need to take action, read my article “IF” you should hire IRS back tax help.  (You should not automatically.) Titled “Owe IRS back taxes? When, who, and how do I hire IRS back tax help?” before you do anything else. As usual, If […]

Back Tax Collection Lien Levy increases – 10 years

Back Tax Collection Lien Levy increases & IRS seizures have all gone through the roof in the last decade.  Back tax collection lien levy increases over the last 10 years have gone through the roof.  Below is the newly released information about the IRS Tax Gap.  This second review focuses on the increase in enforcement actions.  Including […]

IRS Levy How Long Do I Have? Part 3 of Q&A

IRS Levy How Long Before it Occurs?  Part III Q&A I have an IRS levy how long before something happens?  This post is about the IRS Notice of Levy (IRS Form 668) that is sent to your bank when the IRS wants to freeze your account(s).  The questions below have been emailed to us.   Know […]