How to Hire IRS Back Tax Help if You Owe Past Due Taxes?

How to hire IRS back tax help

This post is about how to hire IRS back tax help.  Why use our criteria?  Because we have unwavering standards that you can verify on your own, independently.  Read irs back tax help testimonials for proof.  This entire blog is about giving you the tools to evaluate on your own.  The review system is simple to understand:

  • How long has the tax resolution company been in business?  We recommend at least 5 years.  It is enough time to create a track record (good or bad), and if they have a good record and made it this far, they are likely to continue.
  • The tax resolution company should be accredited by the BBB so you have recourse if there is a problem with their performance.  
  • How many “Product/Services” complaints does the tax debt relief company have on their Better Business Bureau review over the three-year reporting period?  I’ll give everyone one crazy complaint per year.  So no more than 3 complaints about product/service are acceptable.  There are plenty of tax debt relief companies, large and small who meet that standard, so accept nothing less.  Ignore the letter grade, it is useless.  It will usually be an “A”, if it is a “B” or lower, move on.
  • What does the tax relief company’s Google presence look like?  There are an increasing number of review sites.  Some, like Trustlink, seem to be developing in a thoughtful and useful way.  Others like “pissed consumer”, or “ripoff report” sort of predispose the review.  Overall, if there are multiple complaints across multiple websites from customers who are very specific about their problems with a particular tax resolution company, it is probably reason for concern.  If there is a minor presence that appears it may be from unscrupulous competitors, and the company went to the trouble to rebut, it’s probably not that big of a cause for concern.
    1. Bottom line:  Online complaints + more than 3 “Product/Service” complaints on BBB = greater risk for you.
    2. We will never refer you to someone who does not meet the criteria.
  • When you hire IRS back tax help, does the Attorney/EA/CPA who will represent you have a good record with their licensing authority? 
  1. How do they respond to your request for who will represent you?  They should be willing to name your representation, and provide that name readily.  If not, red flag.  If the tax resolution company is not sure who would represent you because they are “too big”, do you really want to get lost in that crowd?
  2. Really check the reputation of your tax representative.  It is the best way for you to take care of you.

irs back tax help Summary for how to hire IRS back tax help:

Start with more than 5 years experience

+ 3 or fewer complaints for Product/Service from the BBB

+ BBB Accredited

+ good Google track record

+ Attorney/CPA/EA in good standing

= your safest choice. 

Once everything above is done, listen to them, and then get a second opinion from someone who also meets the criteria.  I would like to refer your second opinion.  Then hire IRS back tax help you like best.  You will be in good shape, and educated about the person who will represent you before the IRS and have a good understanding of the IRS collection process and how it will proceed for you. 

Are their companies out there that do good work that don’t meet the criteria?  Of course, but it is a higher risk choice.  If you’re having trouble finding a tax resolution company that meets this criteria, I’m happy to help.  Contact irs back tax help.


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