IRS Back Taxes Contacts

IRS Back Taxes Contacts

Looking for IRS back taxes contact?  How to contact the IRS or IRS Taxpayer advocate if you owe back taxes.  If you have questions about this post, please reference:  BP #66.

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If you’re looking for an IRS back taxes contact, they don’t make it easy.  Main page for IRS contact.  For whatever reason, IRS back taxes contact tends to be a one way street with them.  Another option is to visit your local office for an IRS back taxes contact face to face.  For some reason, separate from the main phone page is the “IRS Telephone Assistance” page.  A link on that page actually takes you to an IRS back taxes contact page.

  • IRS back taxes contact for 1040 personal tax debt:  “Call 800-829-1040 or the phone number on your bill or notice.”
  • IRS back taxes contact for 941 payroll tax debt:  “Call the IRS Business and Specialty Tax assistance line 800-829-4933.”

If none of those IRS back taxes contact works for you, Contact the closest IRS Taxpayer Advocate office if IRS collection efforts are getting out of control

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IRS back taxes contact

IRS back taxes contacts – official page


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