How do I Verify IRS Enrolled Agents?

Verify IRS Enrolled Agents.  Are they certified by the IRS to file taxes, and handle other tax issues?

This is a review of how to verify IRS Enrolled Agents who you can hire if the government files a federal tax lien against you, or your business, if you owe the IRS back taxes.  If you have questions about this review, please reference:  bp87.

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We have personal experience with Enrolled Agents that are excellent at addressing IRS back tax problems.  We also have personal experience with IRS Enrolled Agents (EA) that are horrible at it.  We have the same experience with attorneys and CPAs.  Owe IRS Back Taxes, what’s the difference between Attorney, CPA, and Enrolled Agent?  You want a specialist, not a “Jack of All Trades.”

  • What is the lesson?  Due Diligence is important.  Do not take their word for it and always do your homework.  Always verify IRS enrolled agents.  Generally speaking, it’s our experience that local EAs who file taxes lack the experience necessary to handle complicated back tax problems.  EAs that handle only back tax problems and typically don’t file taxes for their clients unless it’s required to fix back tax problems are experienced enough to handle complicated delinquent tax issues.  No one’s good at everything.

What is an IRS Enrolled Agent?

An Enrolled Agent is someone who has passed the EA Exam administered by the IRS and maintains their certification through ongoing education.  Not all Enrolled Agents have previously worked for the IRS.  Some have been employed by the IRS.  It is our opinion from anecdotal observation that where and how long the Enrolled Agent worked for the IRS may affect the outcome of your back tax resolution. 

Some important questions for your EA if they are highlighting their IRS experience:

  • Where did you work in the IRS? 

You want people who worked in the IRS Collection Division.  Experience in other divisions may not be helpful for your situation.

  • How long did you work for the IRS? 

When you verify IRS enrolled agents, you want someone who got into that giant bureaucratic organization and did not like it, and got out quickly.  You do not want someone who is comfortable in that organization.  In order to be successful in a bureaucracy, you don’t “rock the boat”.  You want someone who can think outside the box.  If you’re interviewing any form of representation, and they seemed resigned to “giving in” to the IRS, move on.  You need an active advocate, not a revolving door.

How do I verify IRS Enrolled Agent’s reputations? 

  • “An individual seeking to confirm someone’s enrollment should contact the Detroit Office of Practitioner Enrollment at (313)234-1280 (not a toll-free number) or by email at  When making a verification inquiry, the caller must provide the full name (including middle name or initial if known), and city and state of the enrolled agent.  The caller will receive verification whether the individual is an enrolled agent, the enrolled agent’s enrollment number and whether the enrolled agent is currently in active status.  If the enrolled agent’s status is other than “active”, the caller also will be told whether the status category is: inactive enrollment, inactive retirement, terminated, suspended, or disbarred and the date such status became effective.”

 If you have any misgivings, after you verify IRS enrolled agents, look around a little more.  As usual, we’re happy to provide a second opinion.  You will be treated well if you contact us, for proof read irs back tax help testimonials.  if you’d like us to refer someone to you who meets irs back tax help hiring criteria, contact irs back tax help.


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